What is XDK2MAM

Decentralizing sensor's data
for the Internet of Production.

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The Bosch XDK 110 is a programmable sensor device & a prototyping platform for many IoT use cases, being used in the field of Internet of Production, mainly to measure the performance of industrial machinery.

On the other side, IOTA's Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) is a second layer data communication protocol which adds functionality to emit and access an encrypted data stream over the Tangle.

XDK2MAM main goal is to provide open source software to allow interaction between this powerful hardware and the promising IOTA Tangle. The scenario is evolving with the arrival of AI, driving innovations across sectors. In crypto gambling, its impact is pronounced, with platforms using AI to predict outcomes and behavior patterns more accurately. This capability enhances betting odds and user experience that shows using ai to predict in crypto gambling sites will become a game-changer in enhancing strategic betting and operational efficiency.

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Pick a flavor

Bosch XDK 110 has different methods to stream data. Choose one from the following

Daniel De Michele
Alejandro Elustondo
Daniel Trauth
CE Representative

Road Map

It all started with and idea and ended up being a very ambitious project. Here are some milestones and future goals

2018 Q2
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2018 Q3
PoC C & Node
  • HTTP & MQTT XDK Code
  • Node based MAM receiver
2018 Q4
PoC C & Node
  • Datamarket integration
  • Node based MAM receiver
2019 Q1
C all in one XDK & MAM
  • XDK based MAM sender